2D/3D Laser Engraving

Sub-surface Laser Engraving
We use sub-surface laser engraving to create a 2D or 3D image inside a solid and transparent crystal block. The process is to control a laser beam penetrating the surface of the crystal block and focus at certain point to create tiny cracks. An image could be formed with millions of these tiny cracks precisely created by the laser controller. All the tiny cracks together form a complete 2D or 3D image which will be very fine detailed. As the image is engraved inside the crystal block without damaging the surfaces, it will be permanent and the crystal is easy to clean.

2D Sub-surface Laser Engraving
2D sub-surface laser engraving is to engrave the image as a normal flat photo. As the crystal is transparent, you will be able to see the image from the front as well as from the back (as a reversed image).

3D Sub-surface Laser Engraving
As laser can be focused at different depth of a crystal block, 3D images can be created by controlling the laser beam according to the 3D model created by our 3D artists. A good 3D image is an accurate replica of an actual object or figuring. Comparing with 2D images engraved, 3D images are more real and more special.

Better Photos, Better Engraving Results
The quality of the engraved image in crystal is totally dependent on the quality of the picture you send/upload to us.

High quality pictures for engraving share two important characteristics:
1. High Resolution: High resolution files retain more detail and allow us to create a sharper image inside the crystal though we don’t have a minimum resolution required.
2. Clear and Good Contrast: It means that you can easily distinguish the objects in a picture from each other, especially after converting the picture into black and white as engraved in crystal. It also means that there is a good distribution of light and dark elements in the photo. Overly dark or overly bright pictures will not result in a high quality engraved crystal.

The final thing to understand is that laser can only engrave what it sees. Dark photos will result in a very light and hard to see engraving. We will do our best to adjust the brightness and contrast of your photo to produce a satisfactory engraving. If we think your photo will result in an unsatisfactory engraving, we will call you to discuss your options.

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